Hi guys! I need your help.
I was rebuilding my rs engine last year. I also cleaned carbs with full reassembling. Nowadays i can't get the correct work of engine.
When enabled choke during warm up, it suddenly grows up and does not respond to the throttle handle. This happens with any needle settings.
All jets are standard for mk2 carbs
What i have already checked:
- i checked the float height as in manual (about 7.1mm)
- i replaced the gaskets in carbs
- i checked the air solenoids (it's ok)
- i sealed the intake valves and manifolds
- i also bought a transparent spark plug to see the colour of flash during idling (it is blue, so it means that the mix is poor)

i'm locating in Russia, and i'm the second owner of my bike here.
what else i have stupidly done: once i messed up the wires of battery, and the fuse blown. (may be it cause the damade of cdi??? and air jets are not working correctly???)
What else can be the reason? Thank you!