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Thread: Gasket for Yoyodyne slipper clutch install?

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    Gasket for Yoyodyne slipper clutch install?

    Hi all,

    I ordered a Yoyodyne slipper assembly through my local tuner shop. Question - Does anyone know of a source for an aftermarket clutch cover gasket if I want to avoid cutting the OEM diaphragm/gasket? Evoluzione used to supply one. I am unsure if Yoyodyne does but I doubt it since they don't mention it on the parts page.

    Looking for something like this:

    Name:  stm slipper kit apr-2.jpg
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    I think its a case of cutting down a diaphragm or getting gasket paper and making your own
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    I bought the Athena gasket for Aprilia RSV and cut the middle part away.
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