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Thread: Clutch cable loose

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    Clutch cable loose

    I have read everything i can find on the forum and googled the scat out of " RSV4 clutch cable loose" but to no avail. I recently changed the clutch cover and installed the new one as recommended. But for the life of me cant figure out how to loose the slack on both ends??? I have a feeling its something simple and i just dont see it....please help if you have a step by step guide. My bike 2010 RSV4 Factory. Pin and lever at the bottom are matched to the highlighted points the spring works fine.....HELP please

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    Did you get the cover back on correctly for lever at the case to engage properly? If that’s not right you will not be able to adjust the cable to take out the slack. It may help if you post up some pics of the current installation of the cable at the lever on the case and at the clutch lever on the bar.
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