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Thread: Good service kit supplier in the UK

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    Good service kit supplier in the UK

    Hi All,

    Can someone recommend a good service kit supplier in the UK.
    I don't need an air filter, I've got a K&N, so will just wash it and re-oil.

    Oil, drain plug, spark plugs, oil filter, hydraulic fluid, basic stuff.

    I would rather order it from an actual private business/shop directly and avoid soulless Amazon and faceless eBay.
    I'm not worried about paying 5-10 more as long as I am buying from a person, not a corporation.

    Brands recommendations of the above are more than welcome. I used to own several Ducati's and always went for Shell oil, but this is my first Aprilia, so I'm open to suggestions.

    What coolant fluid brand/kind do you recommend?


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    Uk independent specialist is Aprilia Performance based in the midlands, But any Aprilia dealer can order these bits in for you.
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    Any non-silicate coolant. Just use what the manual says and you'll be fine. There are the various replacements like Purple and Water Wetter and even the non-water based Evans but the few degrees lower temp isn't going to make a difference in your life. Just give it a good flush and refill and keep an eye on the hoses. The folks you buy other bike related things from will have coolant.

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