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Thread: lagging at 3000rpm

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    lagging at 3000rpm

    On a trip i noticed some sort of lagging, when ridin at constant speed, 3-4000rpm, she stutters, not a lot, but she does! Opening the throttle is harsher than it used to be. Higher the revs, less i feel the stutter, but it is there. Low on fuel, or full tank, hot or cold bike, no difference. Got no EFI light, no EFI error codes. Tomorrow when/if we get home, she will get new spark plugs, and some injection system cleaner. but if that does not work, can someone please describe failnig coil(s) and fuel pump? As i never had trouble, i don't know, how it manifests on this bike. Caponord is 2007 ABS, 48000km.

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    Just had a similar thing happen to a UJM and found of all things this:

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    How two of them got past the seal of coil in cap is a mystery bit they did. Stumble around 2500-3000 and cool exhaust on that cylinder at idle (4 cyl motor). Took out the crispy buggers and replaced the plug and all good.

    If you have access to them, Iridium sparkplugs seem to be more consistent and longer lasting in performance, only through observation.

    Just a fouled plug will give you that experience too. At the higher rpm the engines higher output seems to smooth things out. Bad high tension wires can do the same if they are corroded a bit.

    Before you swap coils check the high tension wires as that can cause problems even if the coils themselves are good.
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    What do you mean -why do I have 2 ETV Caponords? I also have 2 arms, 2 ears, 2 legs, 2 eyes and 2 butt cheeks, I don't see the problem.

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    If you have the Sagem coils just replace them because eventually you will have to. If you have not balanced the throttle bodies then that can have the stumble effect you are describing. Remember that when balancing the throttle bodies that one of them must have the needle valve bypass screwed in tight. Only one side is ever open to adjust to the higher flowing side that remains shut.
    Iridium plugs make a difference in running.


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    Looked at manual, googled some videos....decided against fucking something up. Rode her to a workshop, run by Aprilia aficionado. Hope to get her back before weekend.

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