Hi guys,

Its been a while! Haven't posted in years. I am having a bummer to start the season. Bike wont start!

I am after someone to make a quick video of the bike when you turn the key. I want to hear what I should be hearing. E.g. is my fuel pump priming? I turn the key. I hear a loud click. I don't here a pump prime (should I).

Battery is charged. Just installed new plugs. Going to try some fresh gas. Bike turns over and everything sounds good but does not fire up.

What fuse is for the fuel pump?

I have been reading other threads on this issue from way back. People mention compression test (I don't know how to do that yet.) and decomp levers etc. My bike went away just fine and operated great last two seasons. Went away this past winter and now doesn't want to fire up. What would happen over the winter to make an issue like this.

My Vespa is getting more miles than the SXV and it makes me sad. Can someone make a quick video? DM me for a phone number if you want to text it. I would really appreciate it! Will venmo a beers worth of money to anyone who can help.

Also, I hope you all have an awesome riding season!