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Thread: 2009 sr 50 Ditech purejet

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    2009 sr 50 Ditech purejet

    hi all
    i had a friend install a Malossi 70kit on my PureJet last April. I had put 2500 trouble free miles on the bike. Last week I was cruising at 50mph when I heard a god awful sound and the engine cut out. I thought maybe the variator not came loose but upon inspection the cvt is tight. What we did notice was play on the driveshaft after removing variator so assuming crank is shot.
    my question is should I replace with stock crankshaft or go with Malossi? Stock is about 100 bucks vs Malossi closer to 300. In addition can people confirm I will need crank bearings, oil seals, and a full gasket kit. Is there anything else I should buy? Water pump rebuild? I donít know the state of the top end but will hold off on ordering parts until itís opened up.
    just FYI this bike has Malossi multivar with fly clutch, yazuni z pipe, and all these parts only had 2500 miles. Shit happens but Iím pissed.
    lastly where should I buy parts? Have had good luck with scooterpartsco in past
    thanks guys max

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    make some pictures.take off the cyl and check everything.u can try stock or cheaper then malossi, top performance crankshaft PU10126 for purejet.what type and heat range sparkplug did u use?
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