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Thread: Spark Plugs

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    Spark Plugs

    Confident enough to do an oil change but smart enough not to do the drive belt... So question is: What spark plug types are you guys using for a 2011 Mana GT and is it an easy swap, do they come pregapped, or is it like rocket science?

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    Well Timnizza I am also new to the Mana GT and from what I have read here when it comes to doing the gearbox belt change you are better off letting someone else do that for you unless you have all the proper tools and computer program to reset the bike onboard computer. As for the spark plugs well the back two you can get to easily but the front two looks like you need to pull the radiator off just to get to them as for the gap they should be just fine right out of the box.. So that only leaves you with doing a oil and oil filter change and changing the tires and adjusting the chain and maybe new sprockets when they wear out as everything else looks to me like a shop job..

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