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Thread: Windscreen thread?

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    Windscreen thread?

    Hey y'all.

    Can't find too much outsider info about the available windscreens (OEM, Puig, etc)
    So here's a thread where we can try and collect some info and answer basic questions.

    I'll kick it off.

    1.) Anyone here have a taller windscreen on a trail? Would love to see it before buying.
    2.) Anyone here that uses "risers" for his OEM windscreen to make it come up higher? Would love to see what it looks like or if its even been done before, if not, I'll go ahead and give it a try later.

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    Hi there.

    I have a slip screen fitted to mine on my Trail. I'm 6 ft 3 and the wind is directed just above my shoulders, so takes the pressure off the chest too. I find it much better than the standard screen and no buffeting at all and makes long rides much easier. The only downside is more wind noise than the standard screen.

    I'm pretty sure this is what is on mine

    There is also this one, which looks very similar. Has any one tried it?

    I'm not sure if the Puig is better or worse.

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