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Thread: Barn find 2004 Scarabeo GT 500 - fun post

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    Barn find 2004 Scarabeo GT 500 - fun post

    So I found this 2004 GT 500 Scarabeo with ABS thru Craigslist.

    It is actually in a shipping container crate of all things now. The current owner got it from the prior owner who installed the battery backwards...doooh. Selling it really cheap as a parts bike only. Anyway all of the plastic panels which are now off the bike are in excellent condition. The engine, rims, muffler and CVT only have about 3,000 miles on them supposedly. All the side and top boxes in great shape as well. I noted that all the grey plastic panels have a metallic flake to them which is super cool and it also has the leg fairings option. So I plan to swap those out with the plain old grey plastic ones on my current Big Beo.

    I went for it and got it for pennies on the dollar. So now I have a spare parts bike.

    I wonder if I got a used wire harness if I could bring it back to life? The digital display gauge cluster was certainly fried. Current owner already has replacement for it. I can see the added bonus as well that seeing it stripped of all plastics I can learn more about a Big Beo 500 ! It's gonna be fun.

    But if can't get it going all is not lost at least I have spare parts for my current bike which is still a huge bonus. Click image for larger version. 

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    Bigger issue is that one or more of the Immobilizer components may be damaged. I'm not sure if the Big Beo ABS models came without the Immobilizer which put the dash, fuel pump, ecu and ignition switch module as a matched set. The were trying to make the bikes unattractive to thieves by making most of the electronics dependent on receiving the code from the keys that were matched to it which turned out for the most part to be a bigger problem for the owners. You may get lucky and find that the main fuse blew before too much damage was done but...

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