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Thread: Exhaust Wrap?

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    Exhaust Wrap?

    Lots of discussion about he heat coming off US Spec Capos. I build a heat shield that works well but I wonder if anyone has tried Exhaust Wrap to reduce heat? WOuld be the Pros/Cons? I don't have any experience with wrapping pipes but I have heard that can reduce heat quite a bit.

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    El calor de nuestras motos viene del catalizador, funciona a 800 y salvo en marcha, el calor que desprende es mucho.

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    I heat wrapped the pipe coming off the cat going to the muffler and it works REALLY well. keeps the right boot from roasting and stops my boot heal from melting on the pipe. Oh, I have an aftermarket can on.

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    I find the top of my right leg gets rather warm when doing town riding ( standard exhaust )

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    I plan on wrapping mine. Converter also. Stock exhaust. Will chime back in when done.
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