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Thread: New Pegaso Cube owner

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    New Pegaso Cube owner

    Hello all from sunny UK,

    Recently purchased a 2000 Pegaso Cube, and loving it so far.

    I have a few of questions, apologies if they have been asked before.

    • Can anyone recommend a tool kit that will fit nicely under the seat? Mine is not there, and apparently the standard tool kit was a bit naff anyway.
    • Can anyone recommend a decent C-spanner to adjust the rear pre-load, and any advice on settings? I have no idea what standard is, including the damping. I'm assuming letting it out, increases the pre-load? My bike is a little harsh over the bumps at the moment.
    • Can anyone recommend any crash protection that might fit, I'm not that fussed about engine bars, would prefer some mushrooms really.
    • I currently have the multi surface Pirelli tyres on the bike, has anyone got any feedback on other kinds of tyres, such a road-only ones? Or am I better off sticking to the standard ones?


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    You need the next forum down

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