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Thread: Bike caught fire today!

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    Bike caught fire today!

    Had a fun ride today, the bloody thing caught fire on me at a set of traffic lights!

    Got myself to blame though as I had just finished about 4 hours on a belt sander shaping a wooden template in the garage so the bike was nicely covered in very fine sawdust and in my infiinite wisdom I reasoned that a quick ride would simply blow the dust off - I mean what could go wrong?.

    Keep in mind that it was pristinely clean and lovingly polished with a lanolin based protective spray called "Inox" - so we have an oil coating and fine saw dust acting as a source of fuel just waiting for a source ignition and an accelerated airflow.

    When I was stopped I looked down and saw billowing smoke coming from the headers and the outside fins on the barrels which stopped as soon as the forward motion did (no airflow I guess.)

    Luckily no damage 'apparent' and I am counting my lucky stars since I had just filled up with 16 litres of fuel!

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    At least you succeeded in getting rid of the saw dust.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Banned View Post
    At least you succeeded in getting rid of the saw dust.
    That's just mean.

    I laughed a tiny bit.

    Bunch of dirtbikes

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