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Thread: 2009 Aprilia Sport City 50 - need help w certain/any customization

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    Yes the tecnigas 4t Exhaust are worthless and the last guy that got one and nothing else had trouble finding a good tune easily if at all. The Turbokit sounds excellent and has a coil in it so it is not so loud<similar to the sound damping of a turbo keeping the exhaust quieter and needing less muffler muffling. I need that on my Mazda MX-5 badly, I was just thinking about that yesterday....I need a coiled Exhaust to lengthen it to improve power and also to dampen the sound coming out of my Flowmaster DBX catback at the same time. That is a mighty nice exhaust for the scoot and the price is just fine. I bet the carb sucks thou and the camshaft you have is useless too, get that all done and it should thump along for another hundred years if you take care of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by petejones View Post
    well, that 80cc kit was a total waste of $1k

    Part of the kit included a p[performance air box & filter along with it being 'jetted'. I'm wondering what to try next and i'm leaning towards replacing the stock exhaust. Any suggestions? I recognize that it's just a 4-stroke, 2-valve, but I was still expecting more from the 80cc upgrade. My friends with 50cc 2-stroke bikes are still faster than me!
    I can tell u right now,u ll never win from a 2t.Another exhaust is terrible on 4t specially when u take out the db killer.No better performance only noise and a nice backfire show.Try some of the vespa exhaust Sito + is cheap clone exhaust.U also need another CDI the Ducati type or need to mod the stock but should do it carefully.
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