Hello everyone,

I'm writing from Canada with some questions about how I can go about customizing my 2009 Aprilia Sport City 50.

First, i'm interested in ANY & ALL little tweaks you guys can help a newbie out with. From creative ideas on how to use that little circular clip in the front (to carry things), to where I can buy upgraded head & tail lights.
(speaking of which, the shop that sold this to me, indicated that the two smaller lights on each side of the headlamp assembly are NOT wired-up? See photo below)...
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Also I'm very interested in performing an upgrade to the engine. I was told that there's a "kit" that I can order to take my bike from 50cc to 80cc. I need to know more about this "kit". Is is manufactured by Aprilia or is it third party aftermarket?? Can I buy it in Canada, or at least have it shipped here?

Thanks in advance - i really appreciate anyone's input!