As discussed on the track day thread, several of us got to ride it on the track recently. It truly is a special bike, but it got me thinking about how the manufacturers "cheap out" occasionally. It was a quick turn around between sessions, so I literally got a 30 second brief before heading out on track. No time to adjust anything other than making sure it was in "track mode". The clutch lever was so far from the bars I could barely reach it, but realizing that it wouldn't actually be used, off I went. Anyway, the ride was pretty special, but the big goofy stock levers made me wonder. Why don't the manufacturers use quality, adjustable levers that are on par with the rest of the build quality? I got back on my cheapo Ninja, with the beautiful shorty Pazzo's and thought - yeah, this is how it should be. I dunno, I want my 30K to feel like 30K.