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Thread: Found one local!

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    Found one local!

    I have always had an itch for a DD12. Amazingly my wandering eye found a 2012 with 11k miles on the clock for $5k in black.

    I currently ride a Griso, so a HUGE power upgrade, but looking for something fun and water cooled for going from the burbs to the city of Chicago, or turn the other way and crush some country roads.

    I am 6'3" 230lbs, and not interested in a sport bike. So the DD12, 990SMR and Hypermotard is what I am after. Or a neighbor has a 2007 Tuono with 500 miles on it (yes, 500 miles) so that is interesting too. But the DD12 is my top choice.

    First off, how is the price, things to look for and anyone have a gen 2 Tuono and could compare?

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    You will be happy with a DD1200. I am 6'2" and 240 lbs and it fits me perfectly. I really like the sit up ergo's. Feels like a bike dirtbike with crazy power and great suspension and brakes. Tank a bit small and warning comes on way early which scares some people. The seat is a bit of a hard plank. I put a Puig fly screen on mine which looks good and cuts the wind in half. Good info on the forum here if you look back through it a bit. $5k seems like a good price if it's tidy and runs well.
    Good luck... Tom

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