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Thread: Gear issues!

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    Gear issues!

    Hello all,

    Apologies if this is elsewhere.

    Basically, I've been experiencing gear change issues, coming down the box into 2nd and 1st can't be selected but it's intermittent.

    I've done an oil and filter change in case that was the issue but its still the same.

    It appears to be OK when cold but occurs once warm.

    I can turn the engine off and gears select again after a while.

    I don't profess to know much about the mechanics but I'm willing and able.

    Any ideas?

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    Its more likely a clutch issue than the gear box. Gearboxes on these bikes are bulletproof.
    Have you got an aftermarket slave cylinder fitted.
    Has the clutch oil jet been changed to reduce drag on the friction plates.
    Is the pushrod behind the clutch lever been adjusted.
    All these need to be in good order toeliminate problems with 1st and neutral .
    It is considered normal on these bikes to have a difficult neutral

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    Thanks for the advice, I only purchased the bike last Summer, so not too sure, I'll have to check it's history with what paperwork I have to see.


    Thank you.

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    Lube the linkage?
    Slippin an a sliden

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    After taking advice given here, although not one for messing usually, I took the gear linkage apart and cleaned it up and re-greased.

    I've just got back from my 3rd or 4th ride since doing it and absolutely no problematic issues.

    The last run was around 90 miles, so I'm hopeful it's cured.

    The linkage ball joint was really shitty and quite dry.

    So thank for the advice chap's.

    I even enjoyed tinkering.



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    Gave mine a clean and lube the other day before a ride . Made 1 hell of a difference for the better . Recently bought a ( impulsive buy ) Futura with 50,000 miles on it and noticed it shifted a lot smother than my Falco with only 10.000kms on it . Now that I know how smooth it can be I can pay it more attention in the future .

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