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Thread: 1998 Pegaso 650ML (Cube) - Compression

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    Quote Originally Posted by tinwelp View Post
    So what's your conclusion Joerg? Stripping and cleaning the carbs fixed your issue? If that's the case, a related question: when did you first attempt to restart the engine? Was it about a year after discovering the utility of ABS?

    Cheers... Paul
    Paul? You didn't actually read the thread you too were so valuably contibuting to, did you? I replaced two faulty exhaust valves- THEY were the reason why the engine was not running. I wrote, that after that the engine ran fine DESPITE having taken apart the carburators... Oh why bother
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    Sorry Joerg, I'd forgotten you'd found bent valves and replaced them. I just read your last post and responded appropriately.
    Ignore me and carry on.

    Cheers... Paul

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