So I've been riding this bike everyday for a few months, it runs very well.
One time it rained over night and I couldn't start it in the morning, it was very cold and I didn't think anything of it, when i got home in the evening it started right up.

Now, I took a trip down south and left it out during a light rain over night in the morning it wouldn't start. I thought it was the battery or the gas so I pushed it to a gas station where I topped off and a guy gave me a jump but it was still a very hard start, once we had it going it was fine for my eight hour ride back.

Fast forward a few weeks, its been running great then we had a moderate rain. I was able to start but my rpm were low and it felt like it was "chugging" got about half a mile as the rpm kept going lower then it died. Tried to start a few more times, then I left it and got a lift to work. when I came home I expected it to start right up as I was thinking maybe I've been flooding the engine so it just needed to dry out, but it wouldn't start, I put it on the trickle charger over night. over the next few days I could get it to start but it was low power and it would back fire and die out. A few days later I got it running and it has been fine.

Today, I guess to test my hypothesis, it rained and all of the same symptoms re-appeared. Could not start. This weekend I had planned on replacing park plugs and looking at spark plug cables, but I feel like water is getting into the cylinder somehow, I don't know bikes all that well but that's the impression that I get.

Anyway, thanks for checking this out if you've gotten this far. I am willing to do any additional troubleshooting or suggestions.