My dog bone snapped about a year ago.
Looks like the bearing(s) seized on the shock side, cracked the Ali, let more shit in, bound up, cracked all the way along the top and the weight was being supported by the bottom alone.
Until I hit a pothole and the lot went with a bang.
So, my fault. Lack of correct maintenance.
I'd assumed that a sealed system would let nothing in.
In the manual it states periodic strip and clean/lube.

I made myself another dogbone from aluminium, machined to the same fitment but much thicker.
Replaced bearings, seals etc.
Fitted and all working fine.....

So, two days ago I read the thread on dangerous shock linkages being sold and the catastrophic stories contained within.
Now, it seems in every case of failure, dogbone or triangle plates, the shock bottom get's bent.
I'm sure I checked mine.......

Well I did but missed it.
It looked like an optical illusion.
Looks off from one angle and straight from another.
By now though the doubt's crept in and I took it out to make sure.
Sure enough there's a decent bend right about where the rebound adjuster is, not surprising as it'd be the weakest point.
Damn, I'd been riding it for the last twelve months without even realising.
Not only that, I've had my kids on the back.

So, a cautionary tale for those partial to home spannering.
Check, double check and check again.
Got a quote of 400 to repair.
Decided to get a k-tech dds pro.
A bit more money but a nice unit and hydraulic preload to adjust for two up riding.........that's my justification anyway.
And besides, it's shiny.