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Thread: Where to Sit at the Great Circuits

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    Where to Sit at the Great Circuits

    Following through on CRMNL's great idea to set up a thread where people with experience post where to be at various tracks we plan to visit someday. PP's lap of Silverstone shows how it's done.

    Quote Originally Posted by Powerful Pierre View Post

    I'll take you on a lap!

    Start/finish straight - can't see the point unless you're into celeb spotting on the grid, can't see any other part of the track from there.

    Copse - covered stands but limited view of anything other than that corner, but a big screen opposite.

    Becketts - Good spot, big covered stand, screen opposite, views down Hangar Straight and across to Village complex BUT when the weather is bad its VERY cold in there, doesn't get any sun and the wind howls thro' it.

    Stowe - usually closed for the GP

    Vale/Club - OK viewing of that end of the track, some stands covered, screen opposite, a long walk out there from the main entrance but close to the on site camping which is down that end. Having said that there is the shuttle bus running around the circuit so that could save a lot of legwork.

    Stands between there and Village complex are usually closed for Motogp.

    Village Complex - prob my favourite, mix of covered & open stands, plenty going on with a series of bends in front + out the back to the Nuffield straight if you're high up, also across to Becketts, with Hangar Straight in the distance and the run between Stowe & Vale (with binoculars), screen opposite, generally full with a good atmosphere and a reasonable distance to get to via the area that has the bulk of the stalls, entertainment etc

    Luffield/Woodcote - good complex of corners, Woodcote is epic but not quite what it once was as the fast approach has gone, good for last lap passing etc, mix of covered/open stands + plenty of viewing from the grass (but not banked so you need to be on the fence), screen opposite, quite close to the action.

    Its also possible to view from some areas between the stands all around the circuit, worth doing a lap during practice, and you can sample most of the stands on Friday/Saturday without restriction.......there's a particular spot on the entry to Becketts I always like to head for, against the fence, the bikes are really close, right on the braking point, you get a true impression of the speed they're travelling at there.

    There's also access to the infield via a tunnel at Copse or from the bridges near Luffield - not much to see from in there tho' and the paddock is strictly out of bounds.....unless you can blag a VIP pass!

    Hope that helps!
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