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Thread: Pegaso UK spec carbs

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    Pegaso UK spec carbs

    Hi guys, next hurdle, carbs!

    opened, cleaned and adjusted to uk / euro spec.
    No service kit available so will order some gs500e kits online

    Just off idle 2k-3k the bike stumbles quite a bit and i get black smoke from the pipes. So very rich.
    Otherwise it runs well and pulls well too.
    I tried synchronizing the butterflies as best i could so not sure if thatís the cause.
    So first of where would i find the ports to attach a vacuum gauge for syncing? It seems mine is blocked off with pressed in balls?

    Hoping someone has had a similar issue?

    Itís a bit of a pain to get the carbs out as you all know.

    Regards from the Southern tip of Africa


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    you've two carbs but only one cylinder...

    A simple adjustment of the butterflies so they roughly open together is all that's needed.

    For quick carb removal, disconnect the exhausts, remove the top bolts of the subframe and pivot it backwards a little around the lower bolts. You'll not get much movement (as the wiring harness will restrict it), but enough to allow you to pop off the rubbers and yank out the carbs.

    Cheers... Paul

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