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Thread: Newbie to aprilia and dd1200

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    Newbie to aprilia and dd1200

    Hi Guys,

    I'm Des from Malaysia (the country just north of Singapore)
    I'm in the process of acquiring a used 2011 DD1200 non abs model with 50k on the clock.. comes with slip on akras.

    Started up the bike didn't idle well from cold start but I'm guessing it's a given since it's rarely started. Headlamp is a little burned, and from the documents I got seems like the forks been rebuilt or at least the seals were replaced. Owner did tell me that he got the suspension tuned for grip riding as he's more of a sports bike guy.

    Appreciate if you guys could advise me on what to lookout for especially expensive stuff like engine and ECU, chassis etc. Aesthetically looks alright with minor scuffs and scratch but according to the owner theres no issues and no major accidents.. what is the original colour skim? Mine is black with a hint of reds. If it was repainted might have crashed before right?

    Thanks in advance. Let me know comments.

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    I don't know these bikes myself, but there's plenty of info around if you can get to grips with the search.

    E.g., just going through the recent topics we find:

    et c.

    Off the top of my head, there's the cam drive "idler" gear in each head (assembly problem, I think), possibly the chain tensioner as a result / related issue, the MAP sensors might still be prone to failure (although the 1200 got the updated items from the start). Luckily the 1200 was developed off the back of many miles done on the 750s, so a lot of the issues that affected them (e.g. clutch, water pump etc.) were corrected in this bike. The Caponord has broadly the same engine / ECU, so check there as well.

    Of course, every bike has its problems, and focusing on them may give a false representation. Aprilias tend to be well engineered and mostly well assembled, but you may struggle to find anyone who knows them if they do go wrong.

    For colour schemes, image search can be handy (e.g. "2011 Dorsoduro 1200").
    Aside from that, any general advice regarding buying used will apply.

    Good luck!
    2009 Shiver (White) | UK

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