Hi folks looking for some advice please, brought a 98 peg last week got it taxed/insured yesterday and on the 1st ride out it cut out. There wasn't a great deal of fuel in when I brought it about a gallon. Got 5 mins up the road and cut out, knocked onto reserve and fired up. Went to the closest petrol station and filled the tank with £20. Went to start the bike and noticed fuel leaking, was dripping off the bottom of the carbs, I then noticed a pipe was off (not fuel line) breather pipe from the tank. Reconnected the pipe tried to start it again no joy. Took the seat off to try and get a better look to see where the leak was from but it was dark and limited light. The air filter was wet with fuel too. Tried to start it again and it fired for few seconds but then cut out again. The battery is now low too. Not the best start to pegaso ownership, has anyone had the same problem? I do have limited knowledge, was just hoping it is something simple before I take it in to a garage. Any help would be really appreciated thanks.