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Thread: V7 rear brake pedal issue?

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    V7 rear brake pedal issue?

    Hey guys! Been off the forum for a while thanks to Uncle Sam sending me down range for a while. Back now, and out riding today and mid-ride on my V7 special, 2015, noted the rear brake pedal felt higher than normal. Upon closer inspection, it seems the actuator arm from the master seems not connected to the master cylinder. Brakes work fine, and nothing seems missing. Alas no luck searching for this on the Forum. Ideas anyone? Thanks in advance and good to be home.
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    Pictures might help.
    The brake pedal usually only pushes on the master, it doesn't pull on it. The master has its own internal spring to push it back open. The rod from the brake pedal isn't usually actually attached to the master.
    There is usually a set of adjusters. One adjuster adjusts the length of the push rod that pushes on the master. The other adjustment (when present) adjusts the home stop of the brake pedal to set pedal height when the brake is not being applied.

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    There's a limit stop that the brake pedal should hit when it returns from being used. I'm guessing it has fallen out.

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