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Thread: 2 Topia Cycles in Charlotte, NC

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    2 Topia Cycles in Charlotte, NC

    After Matthews Fun Machines closed, I had to find somewhere to take my Moto Guzzi for some work(and find a place to service my Shiver in the future). I ended up going to a small, independent shop in Charlotte, NC, 2 Topia Cycles. The work area looked clean. There were a few Aprilias there for service along with an old Moto Guzzi. One of the guys there just bought a 750 Shiver. Another employee had his MV Agusta there. The folks seemed pretty nice.

    They are very busy right now. They apparently picked up a good bit of work after MFM closed. My Guzzi was already in the back of my truck and was having some brake issues so they let me go ahead and drop it off even though it will be a while before they can get to it. I was happy with that and in no hurry since my Shiver is running good. Hopefully, in a few weeks I can leave them a good review.
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    Thanks for the update. May need to use them soon
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    I got a call today from 2Topia Cycles. They had my Guzzi ready much quicker than expected. I'm happy with their work. They told me to let my Guzzi and Aprilia friends know about them. They only deal with Euro bikes.
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    Five days after I made an appointment with Matthews Fun Machines, they called me to say they had closed. Who other than a dealer (now five hours drive away) could replace my Mana 850 GT drive belt, retrain the belt potentiometer, and reset the TCU? I called out to the AF1 forum to find another possible shop. 2Topia was highly recommended by a forum member, and, three weeks later, the Mana rides like it is brand new again. Mine was their first Mana belt change, but not likely their last. Nate and his small team at 2Topia have the skill, and the diagnostic tools to perform any Aprilia maintenance IMO. They took very good care of my needs.

    Thanks also to the folks at AF1 for being a lifeline for Aprilia lovers. Without Ed and the team at AF1, do you think Aprilia USA would take care of us?

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    I'm in the Raleigh area, anyone know of any shops closer to Raleigh they would recommend? I would prefer not have to drive to Charlotte if I don't have to.
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    Good to know.
    I had just had MFM do a valve adjust on my '12 Kawi, and was looking forward to having a "service relationship" with the Poteat's.

    Great, now I have to take the Kawi to one of those "big box" bike dealers. FML.

    I'll keep these guys on the radar if the Falco ever needs work beyond my capabilities.

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