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Thread: Pegaso 650 I.E. - strange electrical problems (ECU)

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    Pegaso 650 I.E. - strange electrical problems (ECU)

    Hello guys.
    I want to ask you to help me with my 2003 pegaso i.e. The bike runs great but since i've bought it "check engine" bulb never even flashed as it should before start. I've checked all wiring and I figured out that bulb should get signal from ECU, but it doesn't get any signal. Wiring is propablly good (ohmometer shows 1,3 ohm). After making "short circut" ("-" from frame) bulb lights up so problem is ECU (doesn't give "-" on pin F2).
    Should I replace ECU? Engine works fine and ECU is expensive (and it's really hard to get it)? Any ideas?

    Another problem is temperature indicator (dashborad). Even before startting engine it shows 120*C. I've checked sensor. It should give 1,9-2,9 kOhm, and mine gave 3,5 kOhm so i have to replace it. Cooling fan starts when engine reaches high temperature so I supose problem is only with sensor.

    Is there possibility ECU is going crazy because of cooling fluid temerature sensor?
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    Your ECU is likely to be perfectly OK, but you probably have a broken wire somewhere, or something which otherwise is causing a poor ground between the battery and the ECU.

    The temp sensor and the fan sensor are completely separate circuits and do not talk to each other in any way (check the wiring diagram). However, the full-scale temperature gauge indication suggests the indicator circuit is grounded somehow. If you disconnect your temperature sensor and connect the wire to ground you would expect the gauge to read full-scale... which is as you have, so again, it's probably a broken wire or a poor connector somewhere.

    My advice is to systematically check every wire with a multi-meter from its origin to its destination. There's no magic solution other than careful and diligent work.

    Cheers... Paul

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    Thanks for response. I've checked wiring one more time and, you are right. Temperature gauge must be grounded somewhere. I'll replace cable and hopefully it will work fine.

    I still have no clue why "injection bulb" (I prefer to call it "check engine" ) doesn't eve flash. It seemes that there is no signal on ECU's pin.

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    I have the same problem with my Pegaso ie and dont solve yet. If you find the problem send solution please.

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