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Thread: Stage6 digital dash setup

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    Stage6 digital dash setup

    Hi guys, having trouble setting up my digital dash on my sr50r. The tacho reads really erratically, generally seems correct, but jumps wildly around from 0-20,000. I have wrapped the cable around the spark plug lead 6-7 times. Any ideas for better signal?

    the speedo is a big pain though. I have drilled 6mm holes in the end of the 3 front brake bolts, definitely not enough to reduce strength, and have glued them in place at the same distances, I have then made a small bracket to mount the sensor and have it within the 2mm distance, but I get almost zero speed reading, I have set up the dash for a 1480mm circumference, and 3 magnetic points. Any ideas?

    i have a trail tech vapor on my other scooter and have not had any ossues

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    The tach sounds ok but you have to set the computer to wasted spark or cyl configuration like 1-2-4-6 cylinder. Maybe there is something wrong with it or it is not set yet. The induction pickup might be to high or low, you might want to try moving it away from the stator coil wires or something.
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    OK cool I will look at the settings, might try wrap the cable around a couple more times too

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