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Thread: Different exhaust with Akrapovic unlock code.

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    Different exhaust with Akrapovic unlock code.

    So i have a 2017 Tuono factory with the akrapovic slip on w/ code.
    I'm planning to get a 2nd louder shorty exhaust strictly only for weekend rides and then putting the akrapovic back on when i'm commuting.
    Would this cause problems in the long run?

    I know that once you change the exhaust that gets rid of the cat you have to get the ecu remapped, but since my ecu already has the unlock code supplied by akrapovic i don't want to spend another grand on a race ecu.

    2nd exhaust would most likely be the Arrow GP.

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    A code unlocked ECU is a race ECU, they are the same thing. So no, you don't need to remap. Just put on the Arrow and enjoy.
    I have the same exhaust and I recommend you put on the DP killer for commuting and remove it for weekend ride if sound is a concern.

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