I would like to thank all the guys who responded to my recent query about my bike just shutting down due to fuel pump issues. I had read several posts concerning the solder joint within the wiring harness going to the pump. Regardless of all my testing, I could never find a problem there and had ruled it out. Then finally, after running the engine in the garage, turning off the key and back on, the fuel pump didn't come on. I was able to trace the electrical problem to the junction, so I removed the fuel pump for the umpteenth time and was able to wiggle the part of the wiring that goes inside the tank and recreate the problem for the first time. WhaLaa! Discovered the issue! It still blows my mind as to how that joint in the wiring can actually fail! Thanks to all those who sent suggestions and I will join the group of riders who have had the issue. Mine just seemed to be so intermittent that I could not pinpoint it for the longest time. I removed the mastic that housed the connection, re-soldered the wires and am riding again with confidence I won't get stranded. I had forgotten how fun this bike is to ride!
Thanks again to all who took time to offer help.