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Thread: Headlight fuse blowing, do I need Aprilia dealer?

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    Headlight fuse blowing, do I need Aprilia dealer?


    On a 2014 Tuono the headlight fuse blows as soon as they try to come on.

    I've exhausted my limited abilities to diagnose electrical problems which was really taking everything apart and looking for any pinched or crushed wires shorting out.

    It's still a little cold around here to ride it the 2+ hours to the closest Aprilia dealer but there are a few really good mechanics close by that I've taken my Japanese bikes to with good results.

    My question is, is this something that I should let them touch or is it pretty mandatory for an Aprilia dealer to diagnose it?

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    Id start by looking at the wiring near the steering.. where the cables bend.. near the forks..

    Also if you unplug both head lights.. does it still blow fuses?

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    Yes, I unplugged both headlights and the fuse still blows.

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    You need a cheap volt-ohm meter or automotive test light and the wiring diagram to find the problem. Test between a connector point for the lighting circuit and ground. There shouldn’t be continuity. When you find continuity, you know the short circuit is somewhere on that length of wire.
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