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Thread: Engine power problem DD1200 2012

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    Hi guys,
    thank you for advice but none of it helped . They gave me back my bike from another service and told me that they dont know which part isnt working so im back at the beginning. I really dont know what to do, can anyone help me please? Any other advices? I would be grateful, thank you!

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    Could you detail what work has been done, what was tested, any parts / components changed etc.? That would help people to help you
    2009 Shiver (White) | UK

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    Finally an update on my bike...
    I received the MAP sensor, fat duc, air filter and mivv cans. Have fitted them all and what a difference!
    The idle seems to have smoothed out and stays at 1500 now. The power delivery is much smoother... and the sound, oh that sweet thumping vee twin sound! A symphony of joy at every twist!

    I can't say if the MAP sensor was the part that fixed the idle for sure, but I'd hazard a guess it was. Anyway, for $50 australian it was worth the try.

    Cheers guys for pointing me in the right direction!
    Now i just need to stick a sniffer up its arse and set my AFR!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuardianDown View Post
    G'day all, newbie here so be gentle!

    Just came across this post and I have exactly the same issue with my '12 Dorso 1200. The idle fluctuates and sometimes stalls and it's definitely burning too much fuel, the pipes are sooty and you can smell the unburnt premium!
    Also no fault codes have been logged.
    She's only done 10 thousand kilometres, 2.5 of which I've done since owning her.

    Seems this may be a common problem?

    I'll get hold of the local dealer and see if I can get a MAP sensor. Will keep you posted on the outcome.
    A very simple one that has caught me a few times when I am impatient, is that you MUST allow the bike to go through it's set up after turning the key on before hitting the starter. The tach needle doing it's swing to the end and back is a good indication. I have made the mistake of hitting the starter before this is complete and the bike then runs very poorly until next stop. Tom

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    I always do that as a matter of course with everything, as a heavy vehicle mechanic, it's something I'm very used to. Any vehicle these days should be given the same treatment.
    It's also good practice to leave the key off for 5 minutes before disconnecting batteries.
    But cheers anyway.

    So far it appears my issues have gone so that's a bonus! Ready for the WA to Philip Island trip in October!

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