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Thread: Wsbk 2019

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    Quote Originally Posted by JMH View Post
    Check the video if possible (unless you have).
    Yeah, I watched it over and also did it on pause play.......I don't see how Toprak can be held at fault, he's not on an unusual line and he was the bike in front....first corner of any race is pretty hectic to be involved in, its not an 'after you Claude' situation.....there was plenty going on and I don't see how Toprak was supposed to see AB coming up the inside from behind as well as deal with everything else that was going on.

    Are folks suggesting that Toprak deliberately cut his nose off and brought him down? I can't accept that.

    What I see is Alvaro arriving at the corner faster than those around him and trying to squeeze up the inside into a diminishing didn't work out.

    The guy has hit the panic button since he stopped dominating and he's not handling the situation well at all.

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    At least I am not suggesting Toprak did it on purpose.
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    I am confident that Toprak did not hit AB on purpose. It was incidental from his point of view. Laguna Seca turn one and two on the first lap you can't just take the normal racing line, unless you got the hole shot. Everyone else needs to adjust their line based on where others are around them. The run to turns one and two is short and everyone tends to get there at the same time. AB was on the inside, Toprack was going faster and on the outside. He cut down to the apex, and AB was there. He took out AB's front tire. I don't think he meant to. It was a classic Marquez pass, Toprak went by AB into turn two, and simply made contact contact with AB on his way by. As someone who doesn't have a dog in the fight, neither an AB fan or a Toprak fan, it was two guys going for the same apex. But if you are passing someone you are obligated to do it without making contact, and if it is two guys side by side the guy on the inside typically has right of way. But, as I mentioned at the start, I am confident that Toprak did not hit AB on purpose. It was one of those racing deals that we have gotten used to nowadays.

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