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Thread: Rear shock and other bits long overdue

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    Nice job. Lots of work but always very gratifying when it's done.

    There was a lot of conversation about the tightening torque for the adjuster. I've got it stashed away somewhere, but kzmille was always involved so just do a search. Iirc, that 40Nm was a preload and the final adjustment was lower.

    Also, those specified torque numbers will be for the one ball bearings. You will likely wind up with less pressure on the bearing with tapered rollers. You'll know quick enough as the stem will fell really stiff. Do a search for this as well. Someone a couple years ago posted on his final torque numbers.

    You'll not like how the bike goes (doesn't go) in a straight line with those bearings too tight. It's almost impossible to keep the bike going straight as all your inputs wind up in a slow response. The result is a never ending weave that'll make you wish it was the alcohol. Basically, you'll want it as loose as possible w/o any play.

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    The job is on hold while we pack up to move into a new house. Installed the hugger, and put the rear wheel back on. I used a digital torque socket attachment on a 1/2" breaker bar to tighten the cush drive and wheel hex. It seems to work just fine, and is easily packable for long road trips...just in case.

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    New shock fitted
    I remembered seeing a post on here saying it's possible to remove the shock without dismantling too much of the rest of the bike, unfortunately that didn't work in my case.
    I had to remove the fairings & exhaust, and of course the rear wheel and hugger before I could get enough space to dismantle the linkages and remove the shock.
    I gave the linkages a clean and grease and reassembled with the new shock.
    Hub and king bearing still to check so hopefully no surprises there.
    Click image for larger version. 

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