Just fitted a DNA High Performance Air Filter to my Tuono, pretty easy really, see other posts at 2017-Official-Aprilia-High-Flow-AirFilter-Kit-(idiot-proof-guide) what wasn't so easy is adding some pics as nothing I tried would work, will try again from my home PC later, just a few things I thought I would mention, when I removed the old filter and was cleaning out the air box I found several small rocks and stones stuck under the air intake duct tubes where they protrude through the air box, not a huge deal as its on the intake or dirty side of the filter, the DNA filter requires the upper and lower filter mounting frames to be removed so make sure to place some clean rag or paper towel into the intake manifold risers to prevent anything falling in, the DNA filter has a sealing lip that fits into the sealing groove in the air box where the original lower frame sat, the filter comes with its own mounting screws which are fitted into the molded rubber frame to prevent the screws from falling out before its fitted, however these screws stop the filter from being positively set into the sealing groove and I was so paranoid that it wouldn't seal I removed these screws and set the filter in place first, to prove it would seat properly I smeared a small amount of grease into the sealing groove in the air box and fitted the filter, then removed it and checked that the witness marks made full contact around the filter and sealing groove, I then cleaned it all up, smeared a small amount of high temp grease around the sealing lip, seated the filter, fitted the screws and nipped them down, remember these screws only screw into the plastic air box so it would be easy to over tighten them, remove the rag or towel from the risers, re-assemble, job done. Sorry I couldn't link this to the original thread, not smart enough I guess.