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Thread: 2009-2010 RSV4 Factory Updated Valve Covers

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    2009-2010 RSV4 Factory Updated Valve Covers

    Excerpt from a customer email about updated valve covers for 2009-2010 RSV4 Factory below. This may help someone searching for similar information in the future.

    Hi, I see there is an upgraded valve cover for the RSV4.
    Yes, on the very early production RSV4’s Aprilia recommended replacing the valve covers with the 898467 part number.

    Is it still recommended to upgrade the covers?
    Yes, if you still have the original part number 857079 valve cover; number will be stamped on inside of cover) it is recommended by Aprilia in technical bulletin 24-2010 to replace the covers.

    When installing the upgraded cover gasket with new covers do you still need to use sealant?
    Yes, as seen on page 274 of the factory service manual Aprilia recommends Threebond 1207B sealant when refitting the valve covers. Image below:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The sealant is placed in the areas indicated in the image below:
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    There are two new covers available for the 2010 RSV4. The standard RSV4 cover part# 898407 and RSV4 Factory magnesium cover part# 898467. Are they interchangeable on an RSV4 and RSV4 Factory?

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