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Thread: Traction Control question

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    Traction Control question

    I've had my Dorso 900 for about 9 months now and it's been one hell of a machine so far (huge improvement over my old 750). I've been scanning the forum and google and haven't found the answer to my question (can't locate my owner's manual at the moment either)....

    What am I getting or loosing with each traction setting (1,2,3)?
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    i cant tell the difference. just turn it off and wheelie away!

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    I’ve had my DD900 for four weeks. One day one on my first ride, I pulled the front wheel off the ground unintentionally, as I was leaving from a stop sign. The ATC was on setting 1, so I changed it to 2, and it hasn’t happened again. I know that probably doesn’t answer your question, but there doesn’t seem to be much activity on this forum so I’m trying to give you some kind of answer.

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    From videos I've seen, levels 2 and 3 are pretty intrusive.

    So if you want / need wheelie control, it would seem level 2 is it.
    If you just want to prevent accidental slippage under torque (e.g greasy surfaces, gravel etc.), level 1's your friend.
    If you need neither, the bike is likely friendly enough and the chassis certainly should be communicative enough that you can safely turn it off, esp. on nicer surfaces.
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    thanks for the explanation

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