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Thread: Pegaso Sprocket Gearing

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    Pegaso Sprocket Gearing

    Hello all....I seen an advert some time ago someone was selling a Pegaso but they had changed the sprockets 17t front & 49t rear to upgrade for better touring gearing....What do you think ?....i have checked some sprocket calculators but the science is baffling ??

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    I think you mean maths? And if you have problems with simple ratios, there's probably not much that can be said to help you! I'll try though: standard is 47R/16F for an overall ratio of 2.937:1. You're proposing 49R/17F which gives 2.882:1... or about 1.9% LONGER gearing. This means at any given road speed in the same gear, the engine will be spinning about 2% LOWER rpm.

    That's two-tenths of bugger all and I'd be surprised if you can tell the difference.

    Cheers... Paul

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    Bigger front, smaller rear = lower revs, longer gearing.

    Smaller front, bigger rear = higher revs, shorter gearing.

    1t front is equivalent to 3t rear.

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    I have progressivly raised the gearing now on 17 F - 45 R This gives me about 4K rpm at 100 kph which vibes wise is liveable with.
    Concerning vibes - I had bad bars vibes - machined up some stainless steel (304) - now have 250gramms per side. This has cured the vibes.

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    When I had a Peg I think I changed to a 17/45 if memory serves but it might have even been taller. I really liked the taller final for get miles out of the way.

    For whatever reason my Peg was smooth as silk, an all day rider and not once had a fault of any kind. I ran that thing up and down the Pacific Northwest through 4 states and to date was one of the most reliable bikes I've had. I ran Iridium plugs, Water Wetter for coolant and made sure the battery was always as good as can be.

    I was amazed at how smooth that single cyl Rotax was. I loosend and re~torqued every bolt and fastener and nothing ever fell off or rattled.

    After I sold it I tried to buy it back.
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    I also tried with 17 teeth in front of the 47th tooth in the back, but it did not set me up in urban conditions or else for motorway driving unloads the engine although the difference is very small.

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