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Thread: Griso 850

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    Griso 850

    Is there any means or method to turn an 850 Griso into a larger bore 940 or 1200?

    Just curious because high kilometre ones come up for quite cheaply at times.


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    Anything is possible but it won't be easy.

    Unlike the old Tonti's that maintained the same stroke for a decade or more all the different 2V CARC bikes use a different crank and consequently different piston deck heights. Rods are, from memory, all identical. There would also be balance issues if you tried to simply put a new top end on to the 850 bottom end.

    Converting an 850 to a 1200-8V would also require a host of other parts. Gearbox, clutch, throttle bodies to name just a few.

    Thing is Chris the 850's are actually quite a happy thing. They are even happier if you buy a pair of twin discharge coils and add another plug each side and map accordingly. All the 2V bikes apart from the Bellagio use the (IMHO) superior throttle body set up as well which I think is a big advantage. Griso suspension, especially when set up properly, is greatly superior to Bellagio. Like the Bellagio the trick is to just hold the throttle wide open until they go 'Blurp!-Blurp!-Blurp!' And then grab the next gear.

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    Thanks Pete, very informative as usual.

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