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Thread: 2002 Mille For Sale 6000m $3500 OBO (San Francisco)

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    2002 Mille For Sale 6000m $3500 OBO (San Francisco)

    Hi again, Aprilia friends.
    This is pretty much a copy/paste of my posting from a year ago or so. The only difference is that my eye problem is permanent, and I havenít found a solution yet that would make me feel comfortable on the bike. So rather than continue to gather dust in my garage, Iím posting it up here again.
    The bike has a clean title and registration has never lapsed. Iím hoping itíll find a good home that will appreciate and exercise it as the gods intended.
    I must admit I haven't given my Mille the attention it deserves during my stewardship of this machine, and now after I've recently lost peripheral vision in my right eye due to multiple retina detachments, I'm forced to accept the fact that this guy is too much bike for me at this time in my life.
    I bought the bike with 8mi on the ODO from a kid who spent his tuition money to buy it but had to sell when his parents went ballistic. For that reason, I'm saying that this is a one-owner bike that has never seen a track day nor has it ever seen the wrong side of the pavement. The bike is bone stock but has been derestricted and chipped. Itís got frame sliders and a pit bull stand.
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    I'm happy to answer any questions.
    Thanks for looking!

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    Why does it have to be on the exact opposite side of the US?


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    Is this still for sale? I'm about 6 hours away in Ventura County. Looking at the possibility of driving my truck up there. Email is

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    Hey Mike, is there any of the typical
    issues such as rec/relay, clutch slave cylinder or weak solenoid? It would be a tough ride back to Alabama. But could be fun.

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