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Thread: Truth or not?

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    Truth or not?

    Long story short (sort of): I booked an appointment at the closest dealer to me which is 2.5 hours away. Service was booked for a map on ECU to try and eliminate the red triangle and EFI warning light which stays on constantly. I have a GPR exhaust and Healtech installed with error light on since installing. I told the service dept. on phone what mods I had done and what I needed to be done. After 2.5 hours ride and my whole Saturday I am told by tech that a map can't be done with a GPR exhaust on . If I understood the tech properly Aprilia will only send a map via email for a Akrapovic exhaust because it is what they recommend for the bike. So 6 hours after I left I left my house, because it took him 2 hours before it entered the shop and 1.5 hours on the rack, the tech cleared the EFI code and put my old Servo motor on, which I previously tried twice already. He said screen is clear now of error codes but may come back. So $250 dollars later and my whole Saturday gone, two miles from leaving the dealer, on my way home, my heart sank as the lights popped back up on my dash display and stayed on all the way home. It was too late in the day to turn around. My beef is this doesn't sound true to me and why didn't dealer tell me this before I drove 2.5 hours. Is this true a map can not be done with a GPR installed?

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    dealer is correct. they won't send a map unless you buy their factory exhaust. That said, I would guess that the healtech isn't working right as you shouldn't be getting lights with an exhaust swap. If the dealer didn't find any other codes except the ones related to servo, I would talk to Healtech about getting a different device. Some have been known to fail. If you are feeling adventurous, You can use the GuzziDiag software and reset those exhaust codes and spare yourself a trip.

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