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    New owner

    Hey i made a post but it didnt go through i guess. Cruiser guy just switching to a 2015 travel pack. Actually waiting for it to get here, its being shipped from a dealer out of state.
    Which viscosity oil does the manual call for and whats the mileage intervals 6k? And for spark plugs and air filter?
    What mileages are the valve adjustnents done and is it possible to do at home or are there dealer only procedures/tools?
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    Hey Mustardseed, good choice in bike. You won't be cruising as much on this baby!

    Oil = 15W-50 is specified in the manual, but it will go just for on e10W-50/10W-60 as well.

    Warning, I'm going metric here...

    Can you believe the maintenance schedule only calls for the oil to be replaced every 20,000 km? I don't know of any workshop that wouldn't change the oil every time the bike is in for service which is every 10,000km.

    I guess full synth lasts a lot longer but as someone who tracks the bike occasionally I like to keep the oil fresh, so change it frequently. Mine gets new oil and filter every 5,000km.

    Valves, plugs and filters get done at major services (20K km for us, 12k miles for you).

    I would not do the valves myself but in theory it's not impossible for a skilled home mechanic. Most of the labour cost is removing/replacing the bodywork...

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    Great, thanks! Got it. Was getting bored with the heavy slow stuff, started researching adv bikes so I could get the sport bike performance with upright seating and ended up choosing the caponord. I watched a ton of reviews and sat on one locally before scooping a 15 with 24k miles for $6500. Looking forward to something that actually scoots. Ive had every used cruiser Ive had my eye on except the expensive later model harley tourer and I kept getting bored with them. Had a lil honda cb1100 for a minute and although I found I was too big for it, it gave me a taste of bikes of the sportier demeanor and so I changed what I was looking for.

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    Welcome aboard and you'll enjoy the bike.

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