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Thread: RS 125 wont start after initiation or start up cycle

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    RS 125 wont start after initiation or start up cycle

    Hi Guys. I need some help. I recently purchased a 2007 Aprilia RS 125 and have rebuilt the motor. This morning I put the key in the ignition and turned it on. The bike ran through the initialization stage where the rev counter did its thing and the bike completed the initial pre-checks. When I pressed the starter button, nothing happens. The starter does not engage and all seems pretty dead. The speedy is powered so it does not seem to be a battery issue. Can anyone please give me some advice?

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    The obvious thing its after an engine rebuild !
    - it could be simple like earth wires not connected or starter not fitted correctly.
    - have you checked your fluid levels ? it could be a hydraulic lock from coolent getting into the crank ?

    take the plug out see if it spins, if not engage a gear and see if the engine turns over. You have to check everything , it could be the starter relay or the main fuse. Be systematic !

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    Too true I left the earth wire off the motor and found out the hard way

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