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Thread: Getting strange error codes.

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    Getting strange error codes.

    Firstly -
    ECU error 54 phase sensor ( pulled the wiring harness apart locally, applied dielectric grease and no more errors ).
    Dashboard error code 07 (oil sensor) with SERVICE and oil can pops up ( shut down engine, try again and again bike runs just fine and dandy.)
    And probably not related but the starter solenoid upon intial engagement clicks but nothing else happens. Try start sequence again and it always works.

    Kinda thinking, pull the tank and reseat the entire wiring loom applying said wonder grease as I go.

    All of this is annoying but the running bike has never missed a beat, its only the damn stories it tells you when it thinks it may have to get out of bed and actually do something!

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    Replace the oil pressure sender switch. They are notorious.

    Starter issue is likely Startus Interuptus. Add a direct feed to the delivery in side of the relay.

    Phase sensor? Well, you have a spare I believe?
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    Thanks Pete, but the same issue as discussed exists.
    That one one day the error code plagues, then it doesn't the next.

    I am on my second pressure switch in 25000km so its de rigour to buy one every 10000km?
    (Maybe it time to get a sparkie to look at the wiring loom.)

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