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Thread: Thinking about a Speed triple but would it be too similar to the Tuono?

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    I have asked the same question you have comparing Tuono vs Speed Triple. I love naked bikes and have different riding moods and roads so I would own both if I had the money. Unfortunately I could only afford one so the Tuono won out.

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    I have the Street 765 RS, and I suspect Triumph intentionally makes the lower revs "friendly" and "streetable", and probably the Speed gets the same treatment to some degree. Some say there's a delay in the Triumph's throttle that smooths out the application -- it doesn't just crack open and hammer. Which I think is what Tuono riders like. This is my wag why the Tuono is reportedly more of an animal, Aprilia just lets it rip, as the Tuono platform is inherited from an actual hardcore sportsbike. Triumph makes for a comfortable machine, and I doubt typical Street and Speed buyers are looking for ultimate performance in general. Triumphs are a bit shiny and they attract the crowd balancing style and performance. They perform great, but purpose-built performance bikes are a step up. I mean, total lack of fairings is an obvious handicap right out of the gate. Well that's my take on the situation.

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    My brother has a speed triple

    would i swap my tuono for it - no

    wpuld I buy one - no

    but he likes it

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    Speed Triple's are good looking bikes and Triumph's are nicely finished but Speed Triples have never been better bikes than Tuono's.
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    The weather here this morning was bright and dry but cold so I went ahead with the test. And...…………..yes its a cracking bike, if I didn't have the Tuono I might have bought it but...…..its as you guys have said; too much like a smaller less powerful version of the Aprilia to give me the incentive to buy one. Thats taking nothing away from the Triumph, its a great bike. I just think the Tuono is a better one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by coolonthecoast View Post
    . . . I went ahead with the test. And...…………..yes its a cracking bike, if I didn't have the Tuono I might have bought it . . .
    Okay, now that's out of your system I'll see you back on eBay and Auto Trader!
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