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Thread: Water Pump Seals

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    Quote Originally Posted by kzmille View Post
    6mm ID

    OH thankx mate.. thats why in AF1 web stated 6x10.. 10 must be OD..

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    FYI, the CanAm water pump shaft and seal assembly works well. Changed everything out last week per kzmille's directions and 100 miles later it's still water tight. $32.99 at my local CanAm dealer and about $50 more at AF1 for all other seals, gaskets and washers. Thanks for all of the great information.

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    After about 1.000 KM no leaks at all.

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    Removing V2 1000 waterpump seal

    Hi Guys, I have got lots of great info from this forum, like to possibly return the favour. When I removed my WP seal today, I blocked the two holes that the manual says to drive seals out with, with Al rivets, not completely engaged (just put some pressure on the wire). I then tapped for 1/4" grease nipple at the WP drain hole. Then fitted nipple and pressurised with grease- WP seal and shaft popped out easy as you'd like- no mutilation. The wires in the rivets pulled out after a tap on the top, one rivet fell out after that, the other responded to a little drilling. Perhaps could have used a grease injector type tip, instead of the thread and nipple. Anyhoo, another way to pull the waterpump out, cheers

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