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Thread: Rear shock removal 2017

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    Rear shock removal 2017

    Hey guys, I'm starting to work on my winter jobs and one of them is to have a stiffer shock spring fitted as im a fat lad.
    I'm guessing the unit needs to come upwards to remove. Has anyone attempted it yet?
    I'm 107kg without gear so i need a stiffer spring

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    Yes if you plan on switching out the spring. Easy enough to do thats for sure! Just need to suspend the rear unbolt and boom it's out. Why are you thinking you need to switch it out? Did you try adjusting the preload?

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    I've weighed myself with all my gear (113 kg) and set my sag with an equivalent weight. Bricks in a backpack instead of wearing all the gear. I easily set it to 40mm front sag and 25mm rear sag (another 7 turns from stock). 2017 TV4. This may be a bit squishy for the track but I don't do track. As the man said, try extra preload first.

    I initially thought the front was a bit harsh and started winding the front preload out but after a lot of testing ended up with one extra turn of front preload from stock. The action of getting the correct sag at the rear fixed the front problems. Again, after loads of testing I found the compression and rebound damping settings were coming back to very close to stock. Setting the rear shock preload made a huge difference.
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    Sachs or Ohlins? I'm right at 106 kg and I agree with Kermit, set the rear sag and you should be good to go. My '16 Factory is handling nirvana
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