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Thread: Jennings Jan 12,13 2019

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    Jennings Jan 12,13 2019

    Planning a trip to Jennings January 12,13th .
    Bring some Apeís out of winter hibernation and come to Sunny Florida for great weekend of track time with Moc Races Sunday .

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    would love to be out there but i'll be working in texas i'm pretty sure. if not i'll try to get out there.

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    We make our annual pilgrimage from Ohio, around the 2nd wknd of Feb. Looks like we're coming Feb 9-11. We've had as many as 30+ in our circle.

    I've never been in January.

    I'll keep an eye on this for sure.

    Edit: Looks like 66/41 are the average temps there in January. I've raced Daytona in early March with frost in the mornings, so who knows.
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