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Thread: RiDE's mini verdict

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    RiDE's mini verdict

    I was amused to see the Capo mentioned in the £4k price bracket for a used alternative to the current adventure bikes and a bit nonplussed about the bike's description - aggressive throttle response?

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    Hell, the description knocks spots off the Varadero "It's a dense if slightly uninspiring performer" lol!!

    I can live with "exposing its superbike origins". Such an underrated bike as we all know. It probably isn't the most relaxed of tourers as it's so easy to 'make progess' on board but it is certainly probably amongst the most entertaining of tourers while being bike enough to be loaded up like a mule at the same time.

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    I can feel relaxed on it

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    Even with the tune on mine I don't think it's that fast when you compère it to the likes of the multistrada 12 or the Ktm 1190 /1290 or bmw xrx it's just a big armchair that you can ride all day at over 100 mph ( roads permitting ) and still get high 40s to the gallon and it's still fun on the twists when you get there

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    I'm surprised they haven't included it in the tests from time to time, I've owned 3 of them and apart from the odd problem the bikes have been spot on, plenty quick enough, a decent tank range, good lights and comfy as well there are not many that can tick all those boxes in my opinion and loaded to the gunnels it still performs well

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    It's an 140mph bike, at least mine was at MIRA test track, 140mph indicated on speedo but still accelerating.
    Met a touring motorcyle couple at the cologne bike trade show 2 weeks ago. BMW of course in Germany. Their touring was always a 100mph + blast, 2 up, to their destination on the Autobahn. How exciting, they could have done that on a train. Cheaper, faster, more comfortable.
    But on a motorcycle you are nearer to the country you're passing through, which for me is the point of touring, the other method is called 'travelling'.
    I don't think that MCN and Ride appreciate the difference when they test bikes.
    They're getting better, getting out of the office and away from the test track more lately.

    MCN have recentley started to test brand new bike models against their immediate predecessors at half the cost when new. They asked the question 'Are the new models, at double the price, worth it?'
    Their conclusion, for all the models tested so far, has always been 'No.'
    So, are the motorcycle manufacturers listening to their customers?
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